Who We Are

Dynamic Partnership

Scott Rezendes and Matt Martin form a dynamic partnership that intertwines seamlessly in their efforts to deliver their clients a high-quality product. Their professional relationship spans 10+ years in which they’ve carefully plotted a course and gathered the pieces to build an unrivaled scouting network on this continent.

Scott Rezendes is a big-picture project manager who is keenly aware of each client’s goals and helps drive the delivery of tailored data that fits their specific needs. He molds his partner’s large-scale vision and our team’s extensive work product into a services model that’s practical, utilizing his prior experience managing professional clubs.

Matt Martin, a detail focused, drill-down analyst and team leader has been in the trenches scouting live matches at every level of US Soccer, networking and learning the game at the most intricate levels. His drive to identify players and place them within the best developmental situations and programs makes him an asset to those he serves.