Our Core Principles

Successful companies are guided by the principles that define their intentions. These are the core principles that we will follow on our path.


We strongly believe that integrity stands above all else.  When we make a commitment to do something, we do it. If we encounter a roadblock to success, we’ll find a solution.  If we fail at a task, we’ll own our mistakes and work to correct them. Our leadership style puts a high value on team members that exude this principle.

We believe this core value has propelled us to our success and been the primary reason for our professional growth in this industry.  We look for those same qualities in our clients and believe it will be the difference in developing long standing relationships that endure and achieve success.

We fully understand confidentiality is a critical component to the cultivation and retention of loyal and trusting clients.  We will uphold the highest standard for all of our clients as we conduct business on their behalf and represent their brands with the utmost professionalism.


What separates us from being a group of talent evaluators with an opinion?  We believe strongly in our business model and our ability to synthesize massive amounts of data and information into a workable and intelligible deliverable for our clients.

This cannot be underestimated.  You can have the best ideas, but if you can’t deliver them in a way that will be understood and integrated into a larger plan, they’ll fall flat.  We have learned valuable lessons from our past relationships, and will continue to learn from our future clients, exactly what is needed and how it should be presented, so we can whittle down our massive data sets to a lean deliverable to fit each client’s needs, clearly displayed, so it can be digested easily and efficiently.

We have further plans for advanced development of an interactive database and enhanced methods of analysis that we plan to roll out in stages that we believe will separate us further as the industry leader in scouting solutions for your club.


Simply put, scouting is a profession that requires you to “put in the hard work.”  Without the desire and drive to succeed in this industry, you will quickly be exposed.  For more than a decade, we’ve prided ourselves on our tireless work ethic and relentless effort to grow our professional network and knowledge of the game on this continent.  We look for and nurture those same skill sets in our network of scouts to ensure that we deliver the best product to our clients.

Our core principles were selected and are critical to achieving our singular goal: To provide superior service and help our clients achieve sustained success.