Dynamic Data Portal

About our Soon to be Unveiled Dynamic Player Portal

This innovation is common throughout the world of sports and in particular, soccer scouting and analysis. That said, at a time when it is needed most, data management has often taken a back seat and this potentially negates a lot of what a good scout or team of scouts can achieve to help their respective club.

There are a couple of keys to successful scouting data management.

Scouting must be a year ‘round effort even if it cannot be digested that way

It is important to have a centralized destination for data

  • Format is important too, but any number of formats can suffice
  • A decision must be made (though it can be adjusted) on the data needed, its prioritization and how the scout enters it

Loading or reporting must be efficient for scouts who are already pressed by time and travel constraints.

Data must be simplified and tailored for decision makers

  • The hard work that goes into scouting is wasted when knowledge and key information go under-utilized or even worse: ignored]
  • Masses of information would be useful to coaches if they had time to digest it all, but the reality is their primary role is coaching
  • Process and data management – masses of data can not be passed in raw form or the recipients can become overwhelmed – the message can be lost in the “Fog of War” (Sun Tzu)
    • During the season the technical staff’s focus is on preparation for winning key matches, balancing periodization and the need to field the strongest squad as well as adjust to new players and evolving oppositional systems of play:
    • The recruitment message cannot be a foggy pile of data

Features of the data portal

Visually Appealing  — Clean and key info forward; depth and detail follow key points

Real-time access for scouts – Clientele portal updated daily (virtually real time)

Useful BITES of information presented for clients – Ability to record short comments for scouts and video analysts – some important observations are very brief but important: has history of knee/back issues

Opinion pieces — Player Profile Summaries and recommendations supported by depth of scouting (multiple reports from more than 1 scout on gifted players)

Strengths AND WEAKNESSES ID-ed — Sometimes it is the player a club passes on because of good scouting that saves it a roster slot or regret

Real Time Scouting Data

  • Updated dynamically as scouts and reviewers find players
  • Update team form and style of play so targeting becomes more accurate
  • Always prepared to present the best options or opportunities at any time to our clientele
  • Responsive to one off prompts or requests from clients

Key Data for Decision Makers

  • We sort players by degrees of readiness or worthiness to trial
  • We do not tell our clients who to sign, but we expand the options and improve chances for finding talent that can help their team

Robust Player Reporting

  • As highlighted previously: while we can form an opinion rapidly, recommendations become more resolute with repeated viewing and coverage by more than one scout
  • We also build in depth player summaries on the best prospects where we evaluate the pillars and provide detailed background information

Interested in learning more about our planned release date and early access? Contact mmartin@thesoccersyndicate.com