How We Can Help

Highly Customized, Professional Live Scouting & Analysis

The core of our business and what the Syndicate has invested countless hours developing over the last decade plus.  Our scouting reach covers every professional, collegiate and elite level amateur and youth development league in North America as well as the premier youth tournaments and development academy competitions.

We realize each client’s needs vary and understand that our vast database of information will serve each client differently.  We are prepared to tailor our deliverable to fit your exact needs, so that you will receive concise reports that you’ll use and derive value from.  What separates us is that we’ll be able to provide that value at a fraction of your costs to cover the same volume of matches.

Data Collection, Analytics and Production

A critical component to improving upon previous player recommendations is to study and learn from the past.  We take great pride in analyzing our work and put as much emphasis on reviewing why our analysis missed the mark as we do celebrating our success stories.

As the game evolves in this country, the epicenters of talent production continue to change as well.  We monitor these changes in the game and adjust our collective thinking when deploying resources to cover the game and ensure that we are prioritizing what’s important.

We have the capability to take on complex research projects and synthesize data to test theories and bring clarity to the changing landscape, so you can adjust your internal strategies accordingly.