What We Do

In short, exhaustive scouting – We shrink the continent down to a more manageable size for you!

We deploy our scouting resources to evaluate every level of soccer to find new, undiscovered youth talents and gain valuable looks at established players in the professional ranks. Each member of our team is trained to provide meticulous and concise documentation that points to potential new targets and/or provides detailed data on already known players to enable sound and accurate decision making on behalf of our club clients. We do not make the decisions; we provide tailored and comprehensive data to compare to your internal scouting efforts so you find making difficult roster choices, not only easier but more confidently. There is simply less doubt – the weaknesses or risks will be better understood and the potential benefits and upside will not be missed.

Club personnel management who worry about missing out on a talented player or that their data is incomplete. The Soccer Syndicate will work tirelessly to ensure those concerns are eliminated and fill the gaps your staff can’t cover.