Interested in joining The Syndicate?

Scouting Recruitment — We’re expanding our scouting network rapidly to keep up with client demands and to build the most exhaustive scouting network in North America.  If you are a scout seeking an opportunity to display your talents evaluating players and would like to reach out to us, please email us at

Scout Placement & Referrals

Our network of scouts is continuously expanding and some of our scouts who are working or have worked with us, deserve bigger opportunities, should they present themselves.  As our clients grow or any ambitious club see a need to hire someone to work directly under their management, we are prepared to help identify candidates for you as you build your ideal scouting structure.

Similarly, for scouts who aren’t working directly with us, we can be of assistance in helping you find a new opportunity to leverage your experience and relationships within the game, whether it’s working for us at the Soccer Syndicate or being considered for an opportunity directly with a client.

Working with The Syndicate

Non-Scout Recruitment — As the Syndicate grows, we’ll need to diversify our staff with more specialized staff members in a number of disciplines (i.e. performance analysts, sports psychology, etc).  If you’re interested in working for a dynamic and growing soccer company, please feel free to reach out to us at and let us know how you think you can help us be successful.