Why We Do It

North America is proving to be a fertile ground for world class soccer talent.

Having worked for multiple clubs domestically in scouting and technical management roles, we’ve learned a lot about scouting practices during the early stages of development of professional soccer in North America.

First, with club technical resources scarce, scouting is a budget line item that often receives insufficient funds to do the job properly. Compound that issue with the size of the country and number of players to review, and the task becomes more daunting.

Next, even if you’ve committed significant resources (both time and money) to scout North America, there is an additional investment needed to compile and synthesize that information you’ve collected into a usable data set for coaches to review.

As a result, many clubs efforts in scouting and analysis fall far short of their desired ambition in the space. The Soccer Syndicate provides a unique solution, focused on streamlining the process and making it cost effective for team budgets.

Furthermore, we provide an independent voice of analysis, uncolored or influenced by outside pressures or financial gain from a player’s signing. We provide you critical cross analysis of your internal scouting work that can either reaffirm your original opinions or cause you to revisit your analysis to increase your chances of success.

We strive to be the preeminent independent voice on players in North America and a strategic resource for clubs throughout the world. We will not stop growing and innovating until we achieve that goal.

Our Mission

Leveraging the power of our collective network to professionally scout the elite levels of soccer in North America for our global clientele in their effort to achieve success.