Why a Syndicate

Taking this definition to heart and applying it to our business model lead us to one core question that defines what we do.

Question: As a professional soccer club looking to evaluate players in North America, how do you effectively scout this expansive continent (an area three times the size of Western Europe) in a cost-efficient manner, when it requires traveling great distances and significant staff to cover thousands of matches?

Answer: The Soccer Syndicate was created to solve this problem with high quality scouting solutions for elite professional clubs throughout the world by a network of professional scouts imbedded in thriving soccer communities throughout North America.

NFL Scouting Network as a Model

Our company is born from the NFL’s solution to the same problem back in the 1960’s.  Back then, NFL teams didn’t have adequate resources available to them to effectively scour the nation for top players, so they pooled their limited resources and formed independent scouting syndicates (BLESTO & The National) to do much of the advance work for them, before utilizing internal club management to make the final decisions on players.  These scouting syndicates still exist today and remain critical to the success of NFL clubs and their overall scouting process.

What stands out to us is that the NFL still finds this resource critically important to success despite having only one primary source of talent into their league – college athletes.  Given that collegiate soccer is only one pathway into the professional game for soccer players competing domestically, it stands to reason, professional scouting is even more critical to the elite soccer community in identifying and providing opportunities to the best players scattered throughout North America.  Combine that with the global reach of the game and the opportunities to share valuable information about players are endless.

Furthermore, with international talent from all over the globe flooding into our country to compete in our domestic leagues and colleges, North America is becoming an increasingly important market for international clubs to maintain a strong understanding of the top players competing here.

We look forward to speaking with potential clients to work together to identify and develop a mutually beneficial relationship that propels your club to sustained success and championship contention.