Official Launch of The Soccer Syndicate

Press Release – Monday, August 28th, 2018

For Immediate Release

Washington, DC | Sacramento, CA – The Soccer Syndicate officially launches today as the first independent, professional soccer scouting company in North America, with offices in both Washington, DC and Sacramento, CA. In coordination with today’s launch, they unveil their official online presence through their website at

The Soccer Syndicate is an innovative solution designed to supplement the scouting efforts of professional soccer clubs on the expansive continent of North America. As soccer’s influence and scope grow in the region, the Syndicate aims to provide a top caliber, client tailored deliverable that is exhaustive, cost effective and time saving for their professional and elite amateur club partners. Co-created and managed by former USL Technical Director & MLS Scout Scott Rezendes (the Syndicate’s CEO) and former MLS club Director of Domestic Scouting Matt Martin (Director of Scouting), the company provides an answer to the lack of comprehensive scouting options on this continent for elite professional clubs globally, by linking a network of professional scouts, embedded in thriving soccer communities throughout North America.

The Syndicate has invested over ten years cultivating their scouting network, professional and amateur soccer community relationships, and amassed an extensive database of player reports, which covers every professional, collegiate, elite level amateur and youth development league in North America. Each client’s needs will vary and the Syndicate’s vast database of player information will uniquely serve each client to derive premium value from the scouting service.

“Having managed professional clubs, I understand the challenges domestic sporting directors face in financing a scouting department that can adequately cover and identify talent in North America. Combine that with the growing interest in our market by international clubs and we believe our scouting network can provide a quality, cost effective product to our clients to help them achieve their competitive goals” said CEO Scott Rezendes.

Public announcements regarding new client additions and strategic partnerships will be forthcoming in the coming weeks and months as the Syndicate works to build its company into the premier scouting solution in this hemisphere.

The Soccer Syndicate seeks to leverage the power of our collective network to professionally live scout the elite levels of soccer in North America for our global clientele. Our business model positions us as the first independent, live scouting company in North America. If you’d like more information about our company, please visit our company website and don’t hesitate to reach out with your interest/questions at

Contact Us: 3951 Langley Court NW, #B584, Washington, DC 20016 |
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